воскресенье, 6 марта 2011 г.

Working on TOEFL. Tricky Words

March 6, 2011 at 1 p.m. we had meeting devoted to TOEFL, GMAT and SAT preparation. Jun Blore, Peace Corps Volunteer, who is working in Mykolaiv school No.22, conducted the lesson. There were 14 people, among them students from different universities of Mykolaiv region. We named this session “Vocabulary: tricky words”. The attendants spoke about different types of tests and prepared for taking the tests (TOEFL, GRE), Jun helped them in this process. He proposed tests, where there were exercises on knowing the vocabulary, especially such tricky words, which have similar pronunciation, but quite different meaning. Jun Blore proposed students to make different types of activities: brain-storming, finding the right variant and putting right words in the blanks. We used projector to show electronic variant of the tests on the screen, so everybody can see the tasks. This session was very useful for the visitors, because they got important information about the tricky words, which will help them in passing tests and getting an opportunity to study in the USA.

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