Sunday, July 10, 2011

History of Texas: from the Old to Modern Time

July 10, 2011 at 2 p.m. we had English Speaking Club “Dialogue” with Andrew Brož, Peace Corps Volunteer. Andrew is a new volunteer, who comes to our corner and helps us in our work. Not all of the members of English Speaking Club knew Andrew, that’s why we decided to make an acquaintance with him. Andrew also wanted to tell about his state Texas. So the theme of our meeting was “The History of Texas: From the Old to Modern Time”. There were 13 people among them students and teachers. The group talked about the state of Texas, especially about its development during the centuries, about being it depended from other countries, about the revolution and War for Independence from Mexico. We used the projector and screen and watched a presentation about Texas, listened to some songs (Ballad of the Alamo – battle of the Alamo in San Antonio) which symbolized different periods of the history of the state. Andrew Brož also told what Texas is now, shortly described its landscape, cuisine and differences in language. The visitors liked this theme and actively participated in the discussion, asked a lot of different questions. This meeting was an interesting one for the visitors, they got useful information about the state of Texas, deeply understood the history of this state and got an idea how what modern Texas is.

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