воскресенье, 24 июля 2011 г.

The State of Alaska

On July 24th at 2 p.m. we had English Speaking Club with Peace Corps Volunteer Andrew Brož. This time we were speaking about the state of Alaska, its features and peculiarities. There we 7 people among them students. This time we continued the theme of the states Hawaii and Alaska, which were quite separate from the other USA states. Earlier we spoke about the other states and knew, that every of them had own specific features, however distance had a great impact on these above-mentioned states. Andrew told what he knew about Alaska. Everybody listened to him with interest. He told about the landscape and climate of the state, economy, education and culture. Special attention was devoted to the history and the period when Alaska became a part of the USA. We used a projector and the screen and looked through photos of Alaska and watched video about it. This theme was interesting for the attendants of the club, they actively participated in the discussion. This meeting was useful and educational for the visitors, they better understood the features of Alaska as an inseparable part of the USA culture and history.

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