Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Religion in the USA

December 11, at 2 p.m.  we had English Speaking Club with two Peace Corps Volunteers Jun Blore and Andrew Brož . This session was devoted to religion in the USA. There were 10 people, among them students and teachers. We were speaking about the main religion of the US – Christianity and variety of other religions which can be observed among Americans. We discussed the role of religion in American life and lives of people of all nations. The visitors found out ways of forming religion in the US. We had an interesting discussion about the role of religion particularly in our lives and our own attitude to religion. Everyone expressed his own opinion. We all together concluded that religion is something private and shouldn’t influence surrounding people’s lives.
The theme was quite serious and unusual but it appeared to be very interesting.

We also told our visitors about presents from the US and proposed them to look them through. Everyone discovered each item very thoroughly with great excitement. They liked books and games very much and now can’t wait to use these materials.

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  1. Hi, well done! We are sure you've enjoyed this time at the Center!