вторник, 11 декабря 2012 г.

American English

An extremely important information for English language learners and teachers!

http://americanenglish.state.gov/ is a website for overseas teachers and learners of English as a foreign language.  This website is an extensive resource center not only for American English language teaching and learning, but also for American culture.  It provides a variety of engaging materials and resources for teachers' professional development and for students in the classroom. 

It also contains a new video game "Trace Effects" for learning American English and culture.
Gamers interact and solve puzzles in a virtual world filled with diverse English-speaking characters. In the game, students take a dynamic journey through the United States, traveling to cultural locations like Kansas, New Orleans, the Grand Canyon, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C.

December 12 - the official launch of American English and Trace Effects. 

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