суббота, 24 декабря 2016 г.

Christmas Party!!!

Mykolaiv Window on America Center supports the Year of English in Ukraine!

On December 22nd Mykolaiv Window on America Center had the Christmas Party!!!
In the atmosphere of the coming holidays our dear visitors met Snegurochka and Santa Claus, were solving special Christmas puzzles from them, creating and reading out loud the monologues of different Christmas symbols (such as Mandarin, Santa's Beard, Christmas Tree Ornament, Rudolph's Nose:), dancing in a "Santa Says" game, making wishes, congratulating each other with the coming holidays and getting some small presents from Santa. :))))  The hostess of the Eve and our judge Larisa was so mysterious and wonderful in her mask. Everyone was so beautiful that we're going to have lotslotslots of nice pictures in this post..!;)

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  1. Wonderful pictures!! You all really had a great party. It reminded me of a pumpkin party that my friend arranged at one of Los Angeles event venues. It was very fun there as many new games were arranged there that made everyone feel excited.