четверг, 17 мая 2018 г.

“Change thinking, transforming life". Presentation

On May 17, in the framework of the Europe Week "Europe: Unity in Diversity", the presentation of the International University of LCC (Lithuania) was held at the Center for European Information.
The student of this university, a volunteer of the Center, a participant of the program for future leaders FLEX Eduarda Fedyukova told the participants about the system of education and the peculiarities of the educational process at the university, especially the receipt of financial support for tuition and dormitory, the possibility of receiving students for university work, student leisure, etc.
Also attended, reviewed and discussed a series of short videos about this university.
Participants agreed that the university has good opportunities to study and receive high-quality education, but efforts need to be made to obtain financial support from the university. But that's worth it.


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