понедельник, 23 января 2012 г.

The Grand Canyon

January 22, at 2 p.m.  we had English Speaking Club with two Peace Corps Volunteers Jun Blore and Andrew Brož . This session was devoted to the natural US wonder – the Grand Canyon. There were 13 people, among them students and teachers. The volunteers told us about this national park, its history, geography and peculiarities. They also shared their own experience in visiting the Grand Canyon, showed many pictures made by themselves and it made a great impression on everybody. We could feel this wonder closer to us.
The visitors found out a bit of history facts concerning the Canyon. We learned what people lived in the Canyon during some time, saw the pictures of their caves, discovered conditions of their living and the reasons they had to leave this place.
The club members got the idea that Grand Canyon is an extremely popular place to visit. It attracts millions of tourists each year. We found out about such place of interest as Skywalk and got a great desire to visit this wonderful place.

But before discussing the main topic we spend some time doing TOEFL. We tried new activity - shortwriting, everyone worked very hard.

5 minutes to write anything you have in mind about snow

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