вторник, 17 января 2012 г.

Martin Luther King

January 15, at 2 p.m.  we had English Speaking Club with two Peace Corps Volunteers Jun Blore and Andrew Brož . This session was devoted to Martin Luther King and his contribution to the American history. There were 9 people, among them students and teachers. We were speaking about this great person, listened to his famous speech and discussed it. The visitors found out facts of Martin Luther King’s biography, his deeds and activity. We tried to find out if Martin Luther King’s dream came true. Everyone expressed his point of view concerning this question and we all together concluded that Martin Luther King made a great contribution to the development of American society, improving of the life of Afro-Americans and development of democracy in the USA. It was very interesting to sink into the atmosphere of that time, events of that period and to feel the whole Martin Luther King’s significance for the people.

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