вторник, 22 мая 2018 г.

English Class for Beginners!

Mykolaiv Window on America Center had the English Class for Beginners on the 22nd of May. 

At the begining of the lesson our students told  how they spent 
weekend and  checked their hometasks.
After thats they wrote a test and practised a lot in English, did a 
lot of grammar exeecises connecting with the test
Also they solved an interesting crossword "Happy Trails" and  
"Holiday Anagrams".
At the end of the lesson students played games "5 words" and 
"Opposite words".
Elena P. was our leader and 11 students took part in this class!

воскресенье, 20 мая 2018 г.

English Speaking Club!

Mykolaiv Window on America Center had the English Speaking Club the оn the 20th of May.
In the center of international partnership within the framework of the Europe Week "Europe: Unity in Diversity" celebration was held the meeting of the English Dialogue Club "Cultural Differences of the USA and Europe". The Volunteer Center Margarita Timchenko, together with the participants, discussed the following issues: What factors influence the development of culture in Europe, the United States and Ukraine? Which are the components of each culture? What European, American and Ukrainian traditions are most interesting for people? Do culture and customs change over time? Should I know the customs and traditions of the country whose language is being studied? Also during the meeting, the guests commented on a series of proverbs and idioms about the traditions of Ukraine and the United States, England and Germany, France and Italy. The participants of the meeting reviewed the videos, discussed the importance of respect for the religious affiliation of each people. The participants of the meeting shared their impressions of traveling to different countries, compared their mentality and lifestyle, discussed the peculiarities of the kitchen, and determined the most interesting Ukrainian customs for foreigners. During the discussion, the participants of the meeting came to the conclusion that culture is a very complex, multilevel system. Every nation, even every social group has its own traditions that have evolved over many centuries and have been sanctified for centuries. The customs of the people are those signs that people recognize not only in modern times but also in their historical past.
21 people took part in this English Speaking Club.

Заняття з програмування для дітей Сode Club.

20 травня у бібліотечному ресурсному центрі "Вікно в Америку"  відбулося чергове заняття з програмування для дітей Сode Club.
Нашим лідером був cтудент факультету комп'ютерних   технологій  Чорноморського національного університету імені Петра Могили  Анатолій Дудка, під керівництвом якого пробували створювати тему "Додавання аудіо та відео на веб сторінку".
На  занятті були присутні 6 діток.

English Class for Kids!

Mykolaiv Window on America Center had the English Class for Kids on the 20th of May.
At the begining of the lesson children told about themselves and said each other hello.
After that they had a new topic "Emotions and feelings" and learnt new words dedicated to the topic.
Also children did a lot of grammar exersises and sang songs.
Alina M. was a leader and 10 children took part in this lesson.

четверг, 17 мая 2018 г.

“Change thinking, transforming life". Presentation

On May 17, in the framework of the Europe Week "Europe: Unity in Diversity", the presentation of the International University of LCC (Lithuania) was held at the Center for European Information.
The student of this university, a volunteer of the Center, a participant of the program for future leaders FLEX Eduarda Fedyukova told the participants about the system of education and the peculiarities of the educational process at the university, especially the receipt of financial support for tuition and dormitory, the possibility of receiving students for university work, student leisure, etc.
Also attended, reviewed and discussed a series of short videos about this university.
Participants agreed that the university has good opportunities to study and receive high-quality education, but efforts need to be made to obtain financial support from the university. But that's worth it.


среда, 16 мая 2018 г.

English Movie Club!

Mykolaiv Window on America Center had the English Movie Club on the 16th of May.
Our visitors were watching  and discussing the movie "Jumanji" ( 1995).
In this movie, when two kids find and play a magical board game, they release a man trapped for decades in it and a host of dangers that can only be stopped by finishing the game.After being trapped in a jungle board game for 26 years, a Man-Child wins his release from the game. But, no sooner has he arrived that he is forced to play again, and this time sets the creatures of the jungle loose on the city. Now it is up to him to stop them.
Antonina L. was our leader and 5 participants took part in this event.

Watching the fiction film «Happy End»!

     On May 16th, in the framework of the European Week  "Europe: Unity in Diversity" and within the framework of the support of the Austrian Film Festival in the Center for European Information, the film "Happy-End" was screened. This dramatic film was shot in 2017 by Austrian director Michael Haneke.
It film was selected to take part in the main competition program of the 70th Cannes International Film Festival (2017) in the competition for the Golden Palm Branch.
    In the center of the plot is the great bourgeois Anna Loran’s family from the French city of Calais (2015), in which there is no love and compassion. And everything that was once valued is forgotten Because of the history of relations between a large family, through the banal and minor acts of heroes, the author gradually portrays the picture of the European crisis with its attitude to migrants from Iraq and Syria and the true value of modern bourgeois values.
    Participants in the review also noted that migration is a very acute social problem in the World, as people move in search of a better life. They did not ignore the issues of forced migration, labor migration, which, unfortunately, are very topical in Ukraine. The spectators did not go around the issue of adapting migrants to a new life, as well as their perception by society, and others like that.
      The audience came to the conclusion that it is unacceptable to be such a family, and all its members have to think, to speak their values before it is too late.